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Areas covered include:

  • Ballincollig
  • Ballygarvan / Ballinhassig
  • Ballinlough / Ballintemple
  • Ballyphehane / Turners Cross
  • Bishopstown / Wilton
  • Mahon / Blackrock
  • Carrigaline / Ringaskiddy
  • Carrigrohane
  • Cork Airport
  • Cork City (Southside)
  • Crossbarry
  • Curraheen
  • Deerpark
  • Donnybrook / Douglas
  • Forgehill / Frankfield
  • Glasheen / The Lough
  • Grange
  • Innishannon
  • Ovens
  • Killumney
  • Lee Road
  • Lehenaghmore
  • Melbourne Rd.
  • Model farm Rd
  • Ovens
  • Monkstown / Passage West
  • Rafeen
  • Riverstick / Belgooly
  • Rochestown
  • Shanbally
  • Spur Hill / Togher
  • Victoria Cross
  • Waterfall
  • Western Road

Driving F.A.Q.

The following is a list of commonly asked questions we are frequently asked:

Q? Do you do Automatic Driving Lessons?

Ans. Yes, we do both Automatic in our driving school car and Manual driving lessons in our client's cars, with the client's insurance covering such manual lessons.

Q? Do I need a Learner Permit (formerly called a Provisional Driving License) to take Driving Lessons?

Ans. Yes, one legally  does need to have a Learner Permit to take driving lessons. Whenever one is driving, in any car, one must always have a learner permit or a driving license with them by law.

So apologies, we have to refuse driving lessons if one does not possess a current valid learner permit.


Q? How do I get a Learner Permit?

Ans. By ringing the Theory Test people on a Lo-Call 1890 606 106 to organise a Theory Test. (The theory tests will be arranged to suit people with disabilities as long as the Theory Test people are informed of such a need).

Then apply to your local National Driving License Service Office to apply to get the Learner Permit, upon passing the theory test.


F.A.Q. Image

Q? How much do lessons cost?

Ans. See 'Lesson Cost' page for details.

Q? How many lessons do I need?

Ans. The new Road Safety Authority Essential Driver Training syllabus specifies 12 driving lessons as a minimum, as and from 4th April 2011, for first-time Learner Permit holders.

People should if needed, take more to learn the  skill properly. A lot do this as the cost of insurance is gone through the roof.

Thus, people who do extra driving lessons get through their driving test earlier and hence obtain cheaper car insurance.

Anyone who received their first learner permit before 4th April 2011 may only take as many lessons as they want/need.


Q? Can I take a couple of EDT driving lessons per week?

Yes, in certain circumstances. However, the Road Safety Authority generally recommends a lesson every two weeks though with at least three hours driving practise between EDT driving lessons.

Q? Can I take driving lessons  in my own car?

Ans. Yes, you can. However, the driving lessons are then taken on the basis that the car insurance of the car belonging to the person taking the driving lesson covers the driving lessons and one would have to have been driving for a while.

Generally, Cú-Chulainn Driving Lessons Cork does not go out for a first driving lesson with someone  in their own car if they have never driven before. The school car  is used in such circumstances until a reasonably safe standard of driving is attained.

Q? Do I have to display L-plates on my car when learning to drive?

Ans. Yes, you do.   If found to be driving with no L-Plates by  the Gardai one may be fined up to €1,000 or, since December 2014, have penalty points put on their Learner Permit.

Q? Am I allowed to drive unaccompanied while I am learning to drive?

Ans. No. If found to be driving alone by  the Gardai one may be fined or, since December 2014, have penalty points put on their Learner Permit. As of 2018 ones' the car may also be confiscated if one is found to be driving alone on a learner permit.

Check with your insurance company to see if your insurance cover is valid if you drive alone on a learner's permit. However, again, if you are caught by the Gardai you may well be prosecuted.


Q? How long does it take to get to sit a driving test?

Ans. Driving Test Centre waiting times vary quite a lot. For the definitive waiting times list per Driving Test Centre, one should look up for more details. There are means of trying to fast-track a driving test application.

If one is employed by the HSE, a private hospital, or the emergency services and needs to drive as part of your job (not including commuting to your place of work) then the RSA may prioritize your application.


Q? Do you have  a dual-controlled car?

Ans. Yes, we have, in {hybrid} Automatic only.

Driving School Car

Q? Can your cars be hired to use in the driving test?

Ans.Currently, Cú-Chulainn Driving Lessons Cork is not hiring our car/s for the purpose of the driving test.

All things considered, it is not worth it. We have always said people have a much better chance of passing a driving test using their own car.


Q? How long does a  lesson last?

Ans. A person gets at least one hour's driving tuition from Cú-Chulainn Driving Lessons Cork per lesson booked.

Q? After I  pass my driving test can I drive on my own?

Ans. Yes. However, for a period of two years after one has attained their full driving license, one must display N-Plates on one's car when driving it. This is to alert people to the fact that you are a new or Novice Driver.

If found to be driving with no N-Plates by  the Gardai one may be fined or, since December 2014, have penalty points put on their Learner Permit.

(N.B. Remember even though you may have passed your driving test one day you are still technically regarded as being a Learner Driver until you are physically in possession of your full Driving License).


Q? Can driving Assessments be taken in my own car?

Ans. Yes, they can if deemed appropriate. Please note, driving assessments done in a client's own car are done under the client's own car insurance.

Q? Can driving assessments be taken in my own locality?

Ans. Yes, they can. However, a charge may apply for the distance travelled by the assessor.

Click Driving Test Theory Questions & Answers to purchase a sample of common theory questions people are asked on the day of your driving test. Possible answers are also given. There is some FREE bonus material here too. (Then save your PDF File when you get it).

Content edited by Caoimhghin Whyte