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About Cú-Chulainn Driving Lessons Cork

Our Name

The name Cú-Chulainn Driving Lessons Cork (formerly Cú-Chulainn School of Motoring) was chosen for this business as, firstly, Cú-Chulainn is an Irish name.

Secondly, the game of hurling is big in Cork. Folklore has it that the legend Cú-Chulainn was apparently very adept at the ancient art and most young people learn of Cú-Chulainn at national school. It should be a name that most Cork and Irish people are probably aware of.

As the Manager I have always had a relationship with the game of hurling, thus it was thought this would be an appropriate name for the business.

Providing Driving Lessons Since 2001

Thus we are in existence since March 2003. Its Manager, Mr Caoimhghin Whyte, was previously in the business from 2001 as a driving instructor with another national School of Motoring as a Driving Instructor. Since September 2014 we have been working with Ace Driving School Cork.

The Driven Merchandise Range

Our Driving School Philosophy

Our aim is that most people who are taught to drive by driving instructors from Cú-Chulainn Driving School Cork will finish their driving lessons with the feeling that they, as individuals, were treated as such.

That is that each individual's needs were assessed and addressed privately and respectfully on a 'one to one' basis during their driving classes.

We do so love meeting new clients, assessing their requirements and seeing them progress.