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12 lesson deal Bandon Road Roundabout Routes


We provide driving classes with fully insured Approved Driving Instructors (A.D.I.'s) for our clients. They are fully registered with the Road Safety Authority of Ireland. They are friendly and reliable and will not let you down.

Driving Instruction is available from either a Male Driving Instructor or a Female Driving Instructor. We have been serving the people of Cork since 2001 on a patient, friendly and reliable basis with very competitive/affordable prices.

We offer cheap high quality EDT (Essential Driver Training) and Pre-test Driving lessons / Tuition in our Dual-Controlled MANUAL or AUTOMATIC cars or in ones own car.

We also teach people driving in their own MANUAL or AUTOMATIC cars. We provide driving instruction for able-bodied and people with mobility issues. People with hearing difficulties are also catered for.

We like to teach from the basics in our driving classes, explaining what to do to drive, why these things are done and how / when to do these things - with a laugh or two along the way too!.

Driving Test results show very high pass rates for our driving school clients. Since 2001 we have been preparing people for their driving test. We now have specialist driving instructors dedicated to achieving high pass rates for our clients in their driving tests in Wilton, Cork.

See our DRIVING TEST ADVICE page for useful driving tips and a list of typical driving test questions/answers.

We wish all our clients success and drive safely for life.

Essential Driving Training

Since April 4th 2011 anyone learning to drive in Ireland who obtains a first learner permit has to complete a set of Twelve (12) Essential Driver Training (E.D.T.) lessons with a Road Safety Authority (R.S.A.) Approved Driving Instructor, (A.D.I.)

This is part of the Irish Governments push to improve road safety for all road users in Ireland. The Road Safety Authority currently oversee this E.D.T. programme as part of their Learner Driving Training (L.D.T.) programme.

This L.D.T. programme is in turn part of a wider Road Safety Authority strategy called the Graduated Driver Licensing (G.D.L.) programme.

The A.D.I. you choose for these compulsory driving lessons will issue you with the appropriate Log Book to complete the course. This is the Learner Drivers logbook and should be kept by the Learner Driver. (See the video below on the importance of the E.D.T. Logbook). The role of the A.D.I. is to provide "timely advice and guidance" to the Learner Driver in their learning to drive efforts.

Of course, your driving instructor will always be with you through the course of your driving lessons. However, it is recommended that you should try and do a little bit of practice at driving in between your lessons. The person you practise with is termed your Sponsor.

After each of your driving lessons your A.D.I. will fill up your logbook with you, sign and stamp it. You are strongly advised to complete your self-analysis section of the logbook after each driving lesson also. Your sponsor can also write notes in a section for the A.D.I. to see.

Thus, between your A.D.I., yourself and your sponsor a good driver should hopefully emerge, able enough to drive competently in attempting to pass their driving test.

 Content edited by Caoimhghin Whyte