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As a locally based Approved R.S.A. Driving School in Cork, Cú-Chulainn Driving Lessons Cork provides professional driving lessons for people who wish to learn to drive in the Cork area, (see ‘ Area Covered ’ page).

We do so with fully insured Approved Driving Instructors (A.D.I.'s).

We have been doing so since 2001 on a patient, friendly and reliable basis with very competitive prices.

If you like us on Facebook you can get a further 5% off these prices. Just remember to tell us this when you book!!! (Offer not usable in conjuction with any other offer/voucher).


We offer EDT (Essential Driver Training) and Pre-test Driving lessons / Tuition in our Dual-Controlled Seat Ibiza / Ford Fiesta cars or in ones own car.

We provide driving instruction for able bodied and people with mobility issues. People with hearing difficulties are also catered for.

We like to teach from the basics, explaining what to do to drive, why these things are done and how / when to do these things.

We make no apology whatsoever for telling it how it is to a client in relation to their driving. We want all our clients to succeed and drive safely for life.


See our Drivng Assessment Information page for further information on our Driving Assessments.


All our Approved Driving Instructor's are fully registered with the Road Safety Authority of Ireland.

We also have I.S.M. Driving instruction Certification and Driving Instruction Certification from the Mobility Service of the Queen Elizabeth Foundation in the United Kingdom.

Driving Instruction is available from either a Male Driving Instructor or a Female Driving Instructor.


Driving Test results show very high pass rates for our driving school clients.

With over 11 years of experience preparing people for their driving test we now have specialist driving instructors dedicated to achieving high pass rates for our clients in their driving tests in Wilton, Cork.

See our Driving Test Advice page for useful driving tips and a list of typical driving test questions/answers.


Click to access Learning to drive video's from the Road Safety Authority (R.S.A.) website. These are a useful tip for people learning to drive.


We offer driving lessons from 7.30a.m. to 10p.m. daily and are available on most days. Driving lessons are by appointment only. Please book well in advance.


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We are pleased to offer new drivers who complete ten (10) driving lessons with us have now the opportunity to avail of reduced 1st time driver insurance rates on a Drive First programme run by First Ireland, our insurance brokers.

Please click the image on the left discounted insurance deal for further information. Terms and Conditions apply.

We have had a number of very happy customers recently who have got great 1st time driver comprehensive driving insurance deals as a result of this offer.


Driving Lessons / Gift Vouchers can now be purchased on-line through Paypal. Alternatively give us a ring and we can arrange local delivery of them. With some packages it is cheaper to buy on-line.


  • Car Hire for driving tests
  • Fitness To Drive On Road Driving Assessments.
  • Free Advice
    We are pleased to provide free advice to anyone who needs some advice on any topic of driving, at whatever stage they are at with their own driving, when we can.
  • Door to Door service.
  • Driving Theory Test preparation done with groups of three or more.


Article on The importance of good tyres

Many learner and new drivers do not appreciate the importance of tyres to the safety and performance of a car. Tyres are a vital part of a vehicle and it is important that good quality tyres are fitted and well maintained and also that they are replaced as soon as they become unsafe.

Why are good tyres so important? Tyres are the interface between a vehicle and the road. At any one time, the only part of the car touching the ground is a small patch of tyre about the size of a human hand. When you apply the brakes, this small patch of tyre needs to grip the road, producing friction and stopping the car. Inferior tyres or tyres with much of the tread worn away may not produce enough grip and stopping distances will be increased. Obviously this can be extremely dangerous,

Good tyres with plenty of grip become even more important in wet, icy and slippery conditions. In wet conditions the tread on a tyre lifts up the surface water and channels it away making driving much safer. If there isn`t enough tread on the tyre then layer of water becomes sandwiched between the road surface and the tyre. This can cause grip to disappear completely and the car may aquaplane.

Cheaper tyres will provide good performance initially but will deteriorate sooner than the top makes. Remoulded tyres will quickly become unsafe. The best tactic is to buy the best tyres you can afford, although of course you should shop around for the best deals.

In the winter it is a good idea to fit a set of winter tyres which will provide extra grip and all-round safety in the snow and ice.

So when should tyres be replaced? All tyres feature wear indicators to tell you if the tread has become too low. Take a close look at the shoulder of a tyre and you will see some marker arrows. They are usually around 30cm apart on the tyre`s edge and point out the indicators location. Wear indicators are around 1.6mm high bumps and are found in the channels of the tread. New tyres tend to have a tread depth of 8-9mm which decreases the more they are driven upon. Once the tread is worn down to the wear bars the time has come to replace the tyre.

When you do come to replace your tyres, it is well worth discussing your tyre needs with a specialist. You may need to replace your tyres in pairs to avoid making the car unstable.

If your tyres seem to be wearing down faster than they should then you should have a mechanic check that the wheels are correctly aligned. Incorrect alignment will soon rub the tread off a tyre and in an uneven pattern. Incorrect alignment can also cause the car to vibrate or track to one side.

It is also very important to keep your tyres correctly inflated. The ideal pressure will be in the car`s handbook and may vary between front and rear tyres.

If you have any doubts about the safety of your tyres then you should have them checked out by a specialist. It also worthwhile checking out online forums such as those found at for tyre advice. It may save your life.

End of article.


This school of motoring looks forward to continually meeting new beginner / learner drivers and the challenge of training them from the beginning until they pass their driving test, with safety being our number one priority. Cú-Chulainn Driving Lessons Cork promise we will do our very best to help you. So go on give us that call today on 087-7811409.

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